The company specializes in a number of cleaning services. These services include professional oven cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and one-off deep kitchen cleaning, all done to the highest quality work standards. Operating in such a competitive industry results in presenting you with highly competitive rates. Thus we have aimed to provide the best value for money service around.

As oven and kitchen cleaning can be tedious and time consuming, it is only logical to have it done by the professionals, using the services of pro oven and kitchen cleaners can actually save you a substantial amount of money, efforts and time as choosing ineffective chemicals and applying the wrong cleaning techniques can end up costing quite a bit, if not the whole oven itself.

For commercial customers – we are completely aware that impeccable and perfectly clean ovens and kitchens are a must so we take extra time and attention to bring commercial kitchens and ovens to a brilliant and completely sanitized finish, in accordance to all health and safety regulations naturally. We aim to perform the commercial cleaning service as swiftly as possible as we understand that every minute of equipment downtime is lost profit for our customers. Thus we take the necessary measures to minimize the cleaning process duration by optimizing our operations thus aiming at upmost efficiency and high performance quality.

Our fully trained and experienced cleaners will implement the most efficient and proven cleaning methods, yet at the same time they will use eco-friendly and non-harmful materials and solvents. For our one-off deep clean, we will perform the service for as long as necessary to bring your kitchen and oven to their former shine.

Our people have all the necessary knowledge and experience to treat your appliances with care and respect, no rough scouring or scratching of surfaces. The fridge cleaning service guarantees to rid you of any stains, bad smells or food residue from your fridge and freezer, it is recommended that the fridge cleaning is done regularly to avoid easy food spoil and possible contamination.