Fridge Cleaning

Fridge CleaningIn addition to our oven cleaning services we offer a specialized fridge and freezer cleaning service, again for both domestic and commercial customers. A clean, nice smelling fridge is utterly important for keeping food and beverage fresher for longer. The distinct fridge breath that most machines develop over time will remain in the past after our special fridge cleaning service. You could also combine the service with a special freezer clean up. This is a good thing to have done, especially if you have a large volume freezer that hasn’t been defrosted for a long period of time. It is recommended that domestic freezers are defrosted and thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year or when seasonal foods and produce are changed.

For commercial customers, we offer the same service format, with the addition of specialized disinfection of all cooling equipment. We also have a flexible service appointment policy for commercial customers as such equipment can sometimes be attended to only during off-business hours. Customers that have cooling equipment that hasn’t been cleaned over a significant period of time have nothing to worry about for we will assist them immediately in their cleaning chores.

Fridge Cleaning Thorough cleaning of both domestic and commercial cooling equipment will improve storage quality, it will reduce power consumption and will lessen equipment strain, this will result in longer lifespan of the appliance and more cost effective operation. Our cleaning teams will use only user friendly, non-toxic detergents and materials as cooling equipment has to be ready to use straight after the service is done. No harsh scours or abrasives will be used in the cleaning, just because it’s a deep clean doesn’t mean that we will cut through layers of coating or paint.

Customers can obtain some free advice from our cleaners, such as how to keep the fridge frost free for longer or how to avoid nasty fridge breath from soaking into food and beverage stored in the fridge. The service is affordable and there are no additional fees or unmentioned charges incurred. We guarantee you fast, quality and lasting results at competitive prices.