Why contact a company to clean my oven? -Well, oven cleaning is a tedious and tough job. Good results require extra elbow grease – let us do it for you. Apart from this, we use the right cleaning materials and equipment and have the necessary expertise to perform the service efficiently. A poor choice of materials and solvents can even sometimes cost you the oven.

  What does the service include?  -The service includes degreasing, scrubbing, cleaning, polishing and sanitizing of all types of ovens, commercial and domestic using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and solvents.

When and how often is the service required? -The oven cleaning service should be used on regular basis, a clean oven will improve the taste and flavour of any home made dish. For commercial customers, we offer scheduled cleaning, as such ovens and equipment have to be kept clean in accordance to strict regulations. A clean oven in any instance will consume less electricity to do its job efficiently.

What about your staff? -All our cleaning technicians have been vetted and have undergone all the required police background checks. Our staff will present their company IDs and other applicable credentials at the start of every appointment or at customers’ request.

OK, they’re qualified but are they good? -Guaranteed, our staff is fully qualified and licensed to perform professional cleaning services, they undergo additional in house company training in order to raise their level of expertise and acquire essential knowhow.

When do you work? -We work with flexible appointment hours, throughout the week, including weekends.

Are there any additional fees or charges? -No, there are no hidden fees or charges, on top of the already quoted price, if there are extra job to be done or in case the scale of the job is considerably larger than initially assumed, a new amended quote will be prepared and passed to the customer for approval.